Commissioning Artwork

I am happy to accept commissions on a wide range of subjects and to work in a variety of media, including acrylic, watercolour, oil, pencil crayon, pastel, collage and mixed media.

I enjoy portraiture (of people or pets) and I have a considerable amount of experience of painting flowers. What I particularly welcome, however, are commissions that require substantial imaginative input on my part – based, for example, on a line of poetry, a piece of music, or a general theme (e.g. the Silk Road, winter wonderland, Mediterranean etc.).

Commissioning a painting is easy – I will be pleased to work with you through all stages, including:

  • Sizing & pricing
  • Choice of support – canvas, paper, wood, metal, glass etc
  • Deposit
  • Payment arrangements
  • Framing (if required)
  • Delivery options.

Please use my Contact Form or, leave a message on:

+44 1942 791159.


For portraits, I am happy to work from one or more photographs of the subject. The cat portrait featured in my online gallery was created from two photographs provided by the clients:

After discussion, we agreed that the pose from one photo would be combined with an impression of the soft furnishings from the other photo. The outcome was this painting: