Maine Coone Cat

In July 2017 we asked Mavis to create a painting of our beloved Maine Coon cat, who had sadly passed away. We provided two photographs from which to work.

When Mavis handed over her work, we were overcome with emotion. The painting has magically captured the essence his personality – in a way that a photograph never could.

Thank you Mavis – you are so talented!

Ann & Peter Vodden

Very Special Indeed

We have a number of Mavis Nwokobia’s artworks. Each one is unique and beautifully executed, always attracting admiring comments from visitors.

Our most recent picture is of our daughter and her friend on holiday. In it, Mavis perfectly captures the light, shadows and ambiance of the moment, somehow much more than a photograph could, making it very special indeed and a perfect way for us to remember the place and time.

Mr & Mrs J. McAvoy