Demonstrations & Workshops

I have been giving demonstrations and conducting workshops for approaching 40 years. Before that I was a full-time teacher, so it is an area of work that I feel very comfortable with.

In the past, I was regularly employed by Daler Rowney as a demonstrator of their acrylic paints and associated products; by Faber Castell to showcase the potential of their whole range of art materials, particularly Polychromos crayons; and by Hobbycraft to run workshops with a wide variety of products, including glass paints and encaustic wax.

“Veils” demonstration – mixed media

Nowadays, I choose to work on an exclusively freelance basis and my services have been regularly engaged by many art clubs and societies throughout Greater Manchester, Lancashire, Cheshire and West Yorkshire.

My preferred demonstration media are acrylics or pastels – hard, soft and oil. In the case of the former, one of my most popular demonstrations concerns the creation of special effects, such as candlelight, smoke, mist, clouds and diaphanous layers.

I also demonstrate palette knife painting techniques and the use of mixed media, including collage. As for subject matter, I generally prefer to focus on imagined scenes, growing (as distinct from cut) flowers and vegetation, or portraiture.

“Evening Light” – watercolour demonstration

My workshops consist of a morning and afternoon session held on the same day, or they are split into two sessions, held in consecutive weeks. (Please note that I do not provide materials for these.)

Last but not least, I am very happy to conduct “critique” sessions, in which people bring forward their work for my assessment. I have been told that I am a very fair (but completely honest) judge. This is an aspect of my work which I enjoy thoroughly.

If you are interested in arranging a demonstration, a workshop or a “critique” session, please feel free to contact me, using the contact form.